Trans to bsn discussion 9

In this course wrap-up discussion, please review the following Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs), and choose one outcome:

  1. Examine the role of the baccalaureate-prepared nurse within the healthcare delivery system. (PSLO 1, 3).
  2. Analyze characteristics, skills, and ethical principles which shape professional-level nursing practice. (PSLO 3)
  3. Demonstrate the use of technology and scholarly resources to develop professional communication skills. (PSLO 6)
  4. Apply select models and theories to guide professional-level nursing practice. (PSLO 3)
  5. Outline a plan towards lifelong learning and professional development. (PSLO 3)
  • Reflect on how you feel you have achieved the selected outcome based on the work completed in this course.
  • Discuss how you will apply what you learned in this course to your current or future nursing practice.
    Supportive evidence is not required.