• Choose one of the  following general categories of psychological disorders: Anxiety  Disorders, Mood Disorders, or Dissociative Disorders. Research and  briefly describe two different treatment approaches or therapies for  managing disorders within the chosen category. Focus on the rationale  behind each treatment and any evidence supporting its effectiveness. Be  sure to use scholarly resources, NOT websites. Use Google Scholar or  some other database to find a journal written about your choice. Cite  your facts and references
  1. Personal Reflection and Learning 
    • Reflect  on the importance of understanding mental health and psychological  disorders from a societal and personal standpoint. Consider the  following questions in your reflection:
      1. Why is it important for society to have a broad understanding of psychological disorders?
      2. How can misconceptions about mental health be challenged or changed?
      3. From what you’ve learned, how would you approach conversations about mental health with sensitivity and awareness?