Unit 6 Individual Assignment for CIS222: Fundamentals of Security

Unit 6 Individual Assignment

Due: Midnight Sunday of Unit 6

Cryptography was identified in one of the key security controls planned for improving PCS security. The cost of the hardware and software for these controls raised some additional concerns.

Based on your research for Unit 6, write a point paper:

· Explain the benefits of encryption.

· Explain the different ways encryption will play a role on the PCS corporate network and satellite offices.

· Give some examples of security problems that will be addressed by your encryption solutions.

· The CEO asked why we haven’t been using encryption all along if it is so easy. Other than hardware and software costs, provide a response to this question.

The requirements for your assignment are:

· 1-2 page APA paper excluding title and reference pages

· Provide at least two references and in-text citations in APA format

· College level writing

Students: Be sure to read the criteria, by which your paper/project will be evaluated, before you write, and again after you write.

Evaluation Rubric for Unit 6 Assignment





0-9 points

10-39 points

40-60 points

Mastery of concepts

The deliverable does not convey the relevant concepts and terminology from the Unit reading.

The deliverable is missing or unclear on some relevant concepts and terminology from the Unit reading.

The deliverable strongly conveys the relevant concepts and terminology from the Unit reading.

0-5 points

6-10 points

11-15 points

Content length

The deliverable was significantly short of the length objectives.

The deliverable was lacking in length.

The deliverable met or exceeded the length objectives

0-5 points

6-10 points

11-15 points

Demonstrated Research

The submission did not meet the research reference and citation objective.

The research references and/or citations were not presented properly or relevant to the assignment.

The deliverable included relevant references and citations that met or exceeded the objectives.

0-1 points

2-4 points

5-10 points

Clear and professional writing and format

Errors impede professional presentation; guidelines not followed.

Few errors that do not impede professional presentation.

Writing and format is clear, professional, and error free.

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