1.     Choose a business of your choice (fictional or existing). (It can be within Education, Finance, Health Care, Retail, etc.) and create a database for it. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE THE ONE IN THE EXAMPLE

     Write a paper in APA  7 format that includes these items below. (no Abstract is needed)

1. Create a database for your business with at least 5 Tables (EX. a Student Database, could the following tables Student, Course, Instructor, CourseGrade, CourseLocation (meaning online or onsite))

2.     What is the Purpose of the database?

3.      Who is the user(s) of the database? (customers, students, nurses, patients, etc.)

4.     Why is the DB needed? What is its purpose?

5.      Where is the database located? What is its physical and logical location

6.     Where will the database be hosted? (server, cloud, etc.)

         a.      Why is it hosted there? (Provide advantages and disadvantages) 

7.     Provide the table fields and characteristics (ex. Student_ID 8 alphanumeric characters)

8.      Create an excel spreadsheet with five (5) records for each table (please designate one attribute or field in each table as the primary key)

Ex. TABLE Student

"Student_Id" int Primary Key,

  "Studen_tName" varchar(60),

  "RollId" varchar(10),

  "Student_Email" varchar(125),

  "Student _Gender" varchar(10),

  "Student_ DOB" varchar(10),

  "Student_Address" varchar(125),

  "Student_Phone" varchar(10),

9.     Create an ERD for the tables

Write an SQL statement for each item below for your database. 

1.     Write a SQL statement to create the tables below. Create Tables – In week 1, Lab 3, we created tables. (Found in the weekly readings in section 6.1.1 Creating a Table)

2.     Write a SQL statement to INSERT a record into your database table.(HINT: use the INSERT command)   See section 6.4.1 in the online textbook. (Part of the readings for each week)

3.     Write an SQL statement to retrieve a record from a table from your database: (Hint: use the SELECT statement found in section 6.3 in your weekly reading)

4.     Write an SQL statement to update an existing record in your table (See section 6.4.3 from the weekly readings)

5.      Write a DELETE statement to delete all records for one (student, patient, customer, etc.) from your database (See section 6.4.2 from the weekly readings)


Please use the following format to submit your answers for the Final Project.

Save your Word document with Lastname_Firstname – Final Project.

Using my name, I would save my Word doc as Roundtree_Rena-Final Project


Please put the ANSWER ONLY (that means please only submit the SQL statement for your answer and attach it as the LAST page of your paper)


1.     a. tblxyz – SQL CREATE Statement (where xyz is the above-mentioned table name)

        b. tblsxyz – SQL CREATE Statement

        c. tblxyz – SQL CREATE Statement


 2.      SQL INSERT Statement

 3.    SQL Statement

4.     SQL Statement

 5.     SQL Statement