Vocabulary instruction for early learners

Due tonight at 9pm

In collaboration with your mentor teacher, identify an upcoming reading lesson the mentor is planning to teach. Identify vocabulary in the text selected that could be pre-taught. Using the “Vocabulary Planning Chart ” template, discuss the words with your mentor and develop possible strategies for pre-teaching them in a grade-appropriate manner.

Observe your mentor teacher implementing the lesson and the vocabulary instruction you discussed. (If you and your mentor agree, you may teach the lesson as part of your field experience.) Following the implementation, review the lesson and implementation with your mentor, including both the effectiveness of the instruction and what revision might be appropriate.

Below the “Vocabulary Planning Chart,” write a 250-500 word reflection that includes the following:

  • Summarize the lesson and how it was implemented.
  • Discuss the planning process.
  • Explain how vocabulary instruction promoted reading comprehension.
  • Describe challenges encountered in planning or implementation and how they were addressed or could be in the future.
  • Discuss insights from your mentor teacher and how you will apply them to future professional practice.