watch play and answer questions


Please view the Production Paper Requirements before proceeding.

Please include Clear Title Headings for each of the areas below, which include the Aristotle Elements of Drama.”

In addition, hand written notes, taken while watching the production, may be a component of this assignment by instructor.

Show Choice through Drama On-Line:

Select one of the Productions listed below from Drama On Line

  • Frankenstien
  • Jane Eyre
  • Medea
  • or Santa Monica College “Live” production “Three Musketeers”


Students should review the requirements before viewing the productions and take hand-written notes on the required areas.

Title your paper and headings – cover these questions and elements

Your Name:

Show Title:

Important Production Credits: [Keep this Brief]

  • Opening/Lead Statement:
    • Question: What is the Genre/Form of the play?Justify your answer:
    • Compare Historical Periods studied thus far and include examples of specific Theatrical Conventions.
  • Thought/Themes/Ideas:
  • Plot/Action:
  • Language/Diction:
  • Characters:
  • Music:
  • Spectacle:
  • Closing Statement/ Overall impact of the production and experience:
  • (link to plays) Choose 1