Week 11 Abnormal

After watching the video please write a two (2)-three (3) paragraph reflection about what you saw. Specifically, your reflection should include a discussion addressing the following:

-What was your initial reaction to watching the video? What emotions did the video arouse in you?

– What information from the video stood out to you the most and why?

– In what way do you think the information presented in the video related to the concepts discussed in chapter 11?

– Did the videos increase your understanding of these disorders? Did they change your perspective in any way (yes, no, and why)?

Guidelines for Submission of assignment:

-You will upload the paper as a Word document or PDF to Blackboard for grading and feedback.

-The paper must follow APA format (i.e. cover page (with your name, course, etc.), Times New Roman font size 12, and double spaced).

-Review the full rubric (attached) for details of the critical elements.