Week 5 Discussion 1&2

In your own words, explain what CSR is. Name two examples of socially responsible companies you know and explain why you consider them so.

It is important for companies to incorporate social responsibility into their strategic plans. Give a brief summary of the company you chose (ExxonMobil) in Week 1. What aspects of corporate social responsibility would you recommend they incorporate into its strategic plan? Support your rationale from your research.

Prior to beginning this discussion, review Chapter 11 in the Abrahams textbook on Diversified, Global, and Other Types of Organizations and listen to this audio snippet covering International Strategies. When companies expand into the international arena, they do so either because their home market has matured or because they see real opportunities in the foreign market.

Increasing the number of strategic business units requires a more complex business strategy. Sometimes the road to success in a foreign market can be a bumpy one. For insights into some of the more extreme cultural challenges posed when entering foreign markets as experienced by one of the United States largest fast food chains, read  (Kannan, 2014) and   (Grace, 2002).

For this discussion, determine whether or not the company operates in the international marketplace. If so, research the companys international strategy and evaluate it in terms of effectiveness in regards to one of the issues below. If your company is not involved internationally, then choose one that is and evaluate that companys international strategy in terms of effectiveness in regards to one of the following issues:

 Cultural Barriers

 Monetary Exchange Rates

 Political Instability 


 Assess how your chosen issue potentially affects the strategic considerations of your organization involved in a global economic environment.

 Propose language to add to the organizations strategic plan that addresses the potential impacts to the organizations global strategy.