For the module 5 journal you must do the following: 


· Create an entry for your JOURNAL using the prompts below.  In addition, the entry will need to include what was learned from reading the text materials. Please refer to specific pages from reading assignments in the journal entry using appropriate APA in-text citations.

· Use the following prompts in the journal entry. 

· Entry needs be 300 words in length (paragraph format is mandatory consisting of 4-7 sentences in each paragraph when answering the following questions) and be free of grammar and spelling errors. Please do a spell check before submitting.

· Make sure journal is written in APA format, consisting of a title page, in-text citations, and a reference page.



In this chapter, I learned about ___________________________


To be successful, I think I need to learn more about__________________________


My level of understanding regarding the topics presented in this module’s chapter are________________________


What I liked best from this chapter____________________


What I think I will use the most in my future or current classroom________________________________


After reading this modules chapters, and completing all the activities, I can discuss, explain, and demonstrate which of the chapter objectives (mention all objectives learned and are comfortable discussing).


The learning activity that helped me more than any other was___________________________________.



(Remember, ALL journals should be written in paragraph form, including the questions!)

Chs. 13-16 Salvia, J., Yesseldyke, J.E. & Bolt, S. 2017. Assessment in Special and Inclusive Education (13th ed.) Wadsworth Cengage Publishing.

Assignment 2

Then find the teacher dispositions for your state. Which is Michigan

There are 5 required items in the Materials list. Please use them in your discussions and written assignment.

You have been chosen by your organization to create a rubric to evaluate a person's professional disposition. The rubric should be one page. Put references on the second page. Using what you have learned about professional dispositions create a rubric around the following professional standards:

1. Work ethic

2. Timeliness

3. Professional attire

4. Professional communication

5. Professional attitude