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“Nursing research is critical to the nursing profession and is necessary for continuing advancement that promote optimal nursing care” (Tingen,1).  One discussion from the Week 6 article “Mattering: How Organizations, Patients and Peers Can Affect Nurse Burnout and Engagement”, I found interesting but not surprising is nurses derive a sense of mattering from their patients, from their professional expertise, and from feeling appreciated and supported by their patients, colleagues, and organization and these findings can help nurse leaders address issues of nursing burnout, turnover, and attrition. Some organizations already implement ways to show appreciation for their employees and patients get to request a nurse be nominated for the DAISY award, which shows that the nurse provided patient focused care. Nursing can be a hard field to work in especially when you are short staffed and when there are difficult patients who are hard to please. We try to help out when and where we can but sometimes it feels that those who are helped are not very pleased or grateful. After graduating from nursing school and starting my new job I always stayed late to help out even when I had to work the same night but some never would return the favor and I feel like that became hard and putting in a lot of effort countless days to help others and not getting the same effort in return honestly made me dread coming to work for a while, so I basically learned the hard way to do what I can and what I don’t get done can be done with the next shift no matter how upset they seem to get because nursing is a 24/7 field. When there is other nursing staff and other staff in general who help I like to try and thank them and help them with anything as well just because teamwork and appraising others for their hard work have “an increased feeling of mattering and lower incidence of burnout” (Haizlip, 272).

“Part of the purpose of research-applied or otherwise-is to make a contribution to the body of empirical knowledge that serves as the foundation of a profession” (Houser,445). Multiple ways of communicating research findings include publications, poster presentations, podium presentations, professional conferences locally, state, or national, and journal clubs. One way I like to present new information is creating a poster presentation if it is a small audience. If it is a big audience, I feel a podium like presentation is more important because it allows for everyone to see the information. Communicating and applying nursing research is important “to improve the health of individuals and groups in society” (Houser, 470). 


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