Week 8 Chart Template in Landscape Format


Piaget (support facts with citations)

Kohlberg (support facts with citations)

Bandura (support facts with citations)

Vygotsky (support facts with citations)

Erickson (support facts with citations)

Mahler (support facts with citations)

Jung (support facts with citations)

One more theorist needed per instructions

One more theorist needed per instructions

One more theorist needed per instructions

Ages of Development

Intellectual or Cognitive Development

Stages of Moral Judgment

Behaviorism: Social Learning Theory

Zone of Proximal Development

Psychosocial Stages

Separation- Individuation

Stages of Development

Birth to 12 months

Example: “Level 1- Pre-Conventional morality stage 1: (Belsky, 2019): his is the obedience and punishment orientation stage; wherein, a child learns to be obedient, avoids punishment, but does not understand what morality means.” Comment by JC: Maintain this landscape format to ensure all 10 theorists with headings fit horizontally from the left margin across to the right margin. Do not change this chart to a portrait–letter paper format. That is an example of a student’s submission to Lopeswrite on what occurs in this stage and age range. ***Use your own descriptions with citations to avoid plagiarism: ** Delete that example or description by replacing it with your own.**Much work is needed: To avoid poor or incomplete work–learners should not procrastinate. **Start this chart early—a little at a time: Use Belsky. Additional scholarly research is needed from GCU psychology databases. Please comply with GCU clear assignment instructions.**Use a small font size, e.g, size 8 as shown to ensure all content across fit in each of the 10 columns.**For some theorists: the columns on age of development and stage of development will be blank as their theories did not cover them. That means, reading with understanding and applying what ages of development and what stages of development their theories covered is crucial to this assignment.The submission must not have any blank page.

12 -18 months


Childhood 3-5 yrs.

Childhood 6-12 yrs.


Early Adulthood

Middle Adulthood

Late Adulthood