Workforce Plan

Develop a workforce plan in response a change introduced into your chosen organizations (COTSCO) environment. (New product development)

Using your organization or one you are interested in working for, identify a catalyst for change that results in the need for workforce planning.  Create a workforce plan in which you include the following elements:

  1. Brief organizational identification and background
  2. Description of the catalyst for change
  3. Supply analysis–evaluating the current demographics, skills, and competencies, anticipated turnover, etc. 
  4. Demand analysis–current workforce training needs, available labor, external forces that may influence current and needed labor. 
  5. Gap analysiswhen comparing the supply and demand analysis, identify the additional number of employees needed, if anyone will not be needed, the needed skills set, as well as contingency scenarios as just a few of the thing you will evaluate. 
  6. Solutionconsider a variety of solutions such as recruiting, training/retraining, contingent staffing, temporary workers, part-time employees, contract workers and consultants, outsourcing.