Write 2500 words

The guidelines for your proposal:

  • The proposal is worth 3 points (or 3%)
  • Simply tell me:
  • What are the two genocides you will discuss/compare
  • What is the factor, or two factors, that you will analyze
  • Your sources might change before you submit your paper, but for the proposal: What are your ideas on the 4+ sources you will use
  • That’s all. Your proposal could be as simple as:

I will examine the East Timorese and Guatemalan genocides. I will focus on perpetrator propaganda, and on the lack of an international response. I will use one Chapter 11 from Jones; a book by Greg Grandin (“The Blood of Guatemala”); and two articles that I found through scholar.google.com: [title, author; title, author].


The paper guidelines:

  • 2500 words, submit in Word

Compare two genocides using one or two criteria or factors.

For example:

perpetrator propaganda;

ideology and motives;

methods of destruction;

treatment of women [or of men];

victim responses;

popular support and/or participation in the genocide,

international response (or: lack of international response)

and you are free to think of others.

You can pick two of the genocides we’ve read about & discussed; or, you may pick another one, such as Guatemala in the early 1980s or East Timor, late ’70s to late ’90s, etc.; sadly, there are many to choose from.