Writing a podcast script

Assigned podcast title: Dephi Murder Abby and Libby (Delphi Daughters)

Create a true crime podcast! You will tell me your groups beforehand so I can record for grading purposes. Below are the steps to creating your podcast. Read through this carefully before beginning to make sure you include the necessary components.I. Research: Conduct in-depth research on the chosen case, considering various credible sources. Take notes, gather evidence, and develop a comprehensive understanding of thecase’s details and context. I recommend listening to podcasts or documentaries ifavailable, but make sure you go to their sources (for podcasts, typically listed in the shownotes). This may require you to do a bit of reading! Your information should ALL have citations. None of this is common information.a. One specific requirement is to tie in at least one major concept discussed in class/the book/assigned readings. You should AT MINIMUM cite the book/other assigned readings. However, you are encouraged to find other research, preferably published in the last 5 years, that supports your concept. You may need to go slightly more in depth about the concept than what was discussed in class. GoogleScholar and Databases on the Librarys website (e.g., PsycInfo and Scopus) aremy top two research article choices. b. In total you should have at least 5 sources.c. You DO need to include a references page with your citations in APA format.i. Purdue Owls website is a great resource for help with APA formatting.You will be graded on this, so make sure you pay attention to therequirements.d. Examples of information to include (not an exhaustive list):i. Perpetrators nameii. Perpetrators relevant childhood history if available (e.g., abuse, head traumas, bullying, moving schools, witnessed violence, arrest history)iii. Career iv. Family info if relevant (e.g., dating history, are they married/divorced, # ofkids)v. Chronological account of the crime(s) (including dates)1. Victims names, descriptionsvi. How they were apprehendedvii. What they were charged with viii. If convicted or not. ix. How the concept learned in class tied in you should explain what theconcept is and then how it impacted/played out in your case act like you are teaching me this topic for the first time

II. Scriptwriting: Create a detailed script for your podcast episode. Organize your content logically, ensuring a clear and engaging narrative flow. If you are doing this in partners, it is recommended you have some banter/relevant conversation. Try to make this as natural as possible. You will specify who is saying what in the script if you have partners from in class (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO INCLUDE BANTER IN THE SCRIPT). Include relevant quotes, interviews (if available), and background information to provide depth to your storytelling. If you use direct quotes, you need to say that in your script (e.g., you would say: In the book On the Farm by Stevie Cameron, she says quote insert quoteend quote.)a. I would HIGHLY recommend reading this either aloud to yourself or with your partner for flow and for rehearsal. You want your recording to be as smooth as possible. Writing for writing purposes and writing for reading aloud purposes can sound different. By reading it aloud you can see if it flows or if something sounds clunky. You should also practice how you sound (e.g., tone, volume). You want tospeak in a way that is engaging, not monotoned.b. If youre doing this with an external friend you are required to present ALL information about the case, they are only allowed to banter/comment. You do not have to script the banter and your script should flow independently of the banter(i.e., the banter is a nice addition but if it was not there your script would still make sense).III. Your podcast should be between 20-40 minutes.