Writing in Disciplines Course Overview



Please reflect on your experience going through the module content of this mini badging course by responding to the following questions. Be sure to remember the specific genre (a newsletter student spotlight section) and the audience (FIU community, including peers and professors) as you compose your responses. To see what this genre looks like, check out . 

  1. What are one or two of your biggest takeaways from this badging course related to your future professional, academic, and/or personal writing practices?

  1. Based upon your pre- and post-learning survey results and/or your experiences in this badging course, what do you see as one strength and one area for improvement in your writing process? 

  1. Think about your experiences writing in this course along with other courses you have taken. In what ways do you find writing conventions differ across the disciplines? Can you provide some examples to illustrate the differences?  

  1. What are some of the common genres and writing purposes that you experienced within this badging course?  Which one(s) do you think will be most applicable to your future professional, academic, and/or personal pursuits and why? 

  1. What is the role of feedback in your writing process? Here, you might discuss giving/receiving peer feedback, integrating instructor feedback, and/or the specific ways in which feedback helps you to be a more effective writer/communicator.  

  1. What is the role of self-editing in your writing process? Here, you might discuss your self-editing or proofreading habits, the ways in which these habits enhance your writing, and/or self-editing strategies you have learned and practiced in this course. 

  1. As someone building a professional writing ethos both as a current FIU student and in your future career, why is the ability to recognize and respond to diverse genres, audiences, and purposes important?