Writing Question

For this assignment, you will be acting as the new Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a large firm – of
your choice. The board of directors have tasked you to produce a new Case for Change Proposal”
designed to evaluate and recommend changes that the organisation must implement by means to
retain its competitiveness in a market vastly influenced by technology.
Below are some samples of industries to look for the company for your assessment:

Task 1: Case for Change Analysis (20% weighting, LO1)
Provide a clear background to your chosen company, including the type of organisation, size
of the firm, range of products and services, customer base and which markets it operates.
Evaluate and critically discuss current technological opportunities that your company needs
to capitalise to retain its competitiveness in the market.
Finally, present clear digital change objectives that will be introduced to improve customer
satisfaction, simplified processes and generates higher revenue.

Task 2: Gain Digital Agility (30% weighting, LO2)
Critically analysed and advise on which techniques your chosen company can use to detect
the changes that are appending in the market it operates. Specifically, explain how your
company can capture insights about its competitors.
Recommend 3 innovative technologies that your chosen company can use to make fast
decisions to quickly adapt to the changes in its market.
N.B: your arguments must be critical with the support of academic literatures and real case
example. Please use the below figure as a guide to drive your analyses and recommendations.

Source: Digital Business Model by the Global Centre for Digital Business Transformation, 2021
Task 3: Steer Collaboration to Create a Digital Culture (20% weighting, LO3)
Critically examine which collaboration tools your company can use to enable individuals to
contribute to decision-making and give leaders visibility into such contributions.
Afterwards, please provide an analysis on how your organisation can develop and support
digital-ready ready culture across team member, sparks innovations and strengthens
customer relationship.
Task 4: Adapting Different Leadership Styles (20 % weighting, LO4)
By using the Golemans leadership styles, critically evaluate, and advise which Golemans
styles should your organisation develop to support its digital transformation.
Finally, propose how those digital leadership styles should be implemented by using the
GROW Model.

Structure and References (10 % weighting)
Structure is in line with the given instructions.
Give a professional appearance with consistent formatting.
Spelling and grammar are correct.
Each page has a page number in the Footer.
Any tables or figures are correctly labelled.
Tables and figures do not cross boundaries, unless necessary
Properly cite your sources in the text and in the list of references
Use Harvard style for referencing and in-text citations (see referencing guides and