Writing Question

Essay #2 Prompts

HUM 3321


  1. Construct an essay of 500 to 700 words answering one of the three prompts below.
  2. Remember that your argument should be founded in the articles from the semester, and that you should utilize the films only for support. You must analyze the authors who are included in bold font in the prompts below for each question.
  3. DO NOT simply narrate the plot with occasional references to the articles!
  4. Essays are due at 11:59 p.m. on April 3, 2024 via Canvas.


Use size 12 Times New Roman, double-spaced font for the body of the paper and the bibliography.

Proper heading on the left-hand side of page one:

Course Number

Option one: African Americans and Race/Ethnicity

Two groups of readings for this section of the course focus on various aspects of the experience of African Americans in American culture and with more generic questions of ethnicity and race. Wing Sue e. al emphasize microaggressions and their place in contemporary culture, where racism works more under the surface and less explicitly. Cammarota addresses the role of white saviors. McIntosh speaks of white privilege, and Omi and Winant trace some of the historical development of racism. Rowe highlights questions of ethnicity and especially the role of police power.

In your essay, address two or three of the main concepts brought out by Wing Sue, Cammrota, McIntosh, Omi and Winant, or Rowe. How do they relate to either The Harder They Fall or McFarland, USA?

To clarify: do not write an essay dealing with both films. Select one, and utilize the articles which seem the most relevant to you.

Option two: Sexuality and sexual orientation

In Happiest Season, we see the story of Abby and Harper, unfolding during a trip to visit family for the holidays. In Shiva Baby, there are many examples and elements of contemporary mores on sexual orientation and expression through the lens of Danielle. Throughout both films, there are elements that resonate particularly well with Garnets and Ahmeds articles.

In your essay, explain how contemporary views of sexual orientation and sexuality (Garnets) are at work in the film, and how the notion of comfort (Ahmed) is explicitly on display in one of these two films. Then, if you wish, describe how Dean might analyze this film with respect to queer cinema more broadly.

To clarify: You do not need to explain Both films. Pick one, and utilize Garnets, Ahmed and (if you wish), Dean.