There is not a single workplace or individual who says they are stress-free. It is hard to find such people, and I also think none exist. Stress management is an important aspect for the human resources department, as they are a connector between employees and the company, and job stress is dangerous in many industries. Long working hours and chronic conditions associated with heart attacks and strokes have been linked to around 120,000 deaths every year in the US (Robinson, 2022). Today, I discussed how not only does professional stress endanger people's lives, but that personal and work-life imbalance also increases the occurrence of such incidents in one's life.

Now, to get to the point at hand, the Bible teaches us in Matthew 6:34 that we should not worry about tomorrow and that every problem that befalls a person or group of people has its way of resolving itself. There is nothing we can control apart from our actions or perceptions (Alpha Omega Publications, 2023). HR is trying hard to control and deliver a healthy and positive work environment to the employees they serve, but it has been found out there. High work overloads, a lack of control, inadequate time management skills, inadequate workloads, blame culture, over management, multiple reporting lines, job security concerns, and so on are all common sources of stress in an employee's life. Authoritative interventions focusing on the organizational climate and the social work environment can help reduce the stress faced by employees (Lagrosen & Lagrosen, 2020). For instance, this may concern how work is sorted out, the management style, how communication is taking place, and how individuals in the work environment connect.

Studies indicate that workers regularly battle to discover a balance between work duties and family duties. In cases where representatives are unable to take an interest in decisions that influence them, they may encounter stress. For workers, the birth and decline of an organization can be especially upsetting, as those stages tend to be filled with heavy workloads and a level of instability over the long term. Organizational goals should be reasonable, attainable, and specific. The workers must be given feedback on how well they are heading toward these objectives (Lagrosen & Lagrosen, 2020). Management should recognize that in such circuses, either participation or transformation can be beneficial.

So, to conclude my point, I do agree with the point that an organization should also work on its management styles, like organizational attributes, along with offering all possible coping mechanisms to the employee for stress management.



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