You have to choose depenting on essay

Select a Sex Role & Work-related topic.
Must be relevant to this course. This assignment should reflect a scholarly level writing in meeting rubric requirements and as free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Additionally, please provide a title page for all assignments in this course.
Narrow your focus of the topic; concisely phrase purpose of topic study – this could be a guiding question or analysis proposal, e.g., “Traditional gender roles in masculinized workplaces are changing”.
Provide exactly 5 resource annotations relevant to the topic focus that demonstrate the process of collecting sources for review in support of the social issue analysis. I recommend following ASALinks to an external site. or  APA styleLinks to an external site. formatting.
1.    Select a topic related to Sex Roles & Work.
2.    Narrow the focus of your study with a research statement.
3.    Begin collecting literature and other resources to include in annotations.
          Writing project proposal: Women Beauty Standards
My project proposal is how media creates beauty standards for women but mostly
minority women, black, and Latinas. Physical attractiveness and how a woman should look and
that many think that real beauty ideal that media makes and focus on minority women. Minority
women have difficulty getting represented in social media; they get meant with racialized beauty
standards and self-identification. These Beauty standards create pressure for women of color
within society and their culture.  This topic of beauty standards relates to the class because
women, no matter their race or sexuality, have to face beauty standards when there shouldn’t be,
especially for minority women who already have met a lot in society.
Annotated Bibliography
Bishop, Katelynn, et al. Sized Out: Women, Clothing Size, and Inequality. Gender & Society,
vol. 32, no. 2, Apr. 2018, pp. 180203,  https://journals-sagepub-