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PROJECT: NEWS STORIES ON FEDERAL AGENCIES Recall that in the introduction part of this lesson, you were asked to review a headline regarding a mining project in Alaska’s Bristol Bay. Now it’s up to you to conduct your own news search. Search the Internet regarding news stories in the past week or two (or month […]

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Analysis of t-Test Data

You are in charge of conducting an analysis for your organization to see if there is a difference between manager and individual contributor employee satisfaction. Your coworker has already collected the data and it is ready for you to analyze. Review the data your coworker collected in the Analysis of t-Test Data Spreadsheet. First, plan […]

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Imperialism in Nigeria as seen through Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

All MLA formatting rules are followed. Works Cited page included Majority of compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences are punctuated correctly. Student has a clear understanding of comma rules for FANBOYS and AAAWWUUBBIS. Very few grammatical/spelling mistakes, Introduction introduces the text(s) and author(s), states the main points, hooks the reader Conclusion restates the main points Writing […]

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