Infograph Power Point

  are used to communicate complex ideas in a visually pleasing, yet simple to understand manner.

Evaluation, create an Infographic that communicates the information you want to convey about either Thales, any Pre-Socratic philosopher, or Socrates.

Imagine you are a recruiter for his school or his philosophy. Present some historical information about your philosopher, but also present information about theories you find interesting, accomplishments, snippets of any writing. Sell me on this philosopher. Present reasons I would want to have this philosopher as my teacher.

This satisfies Course Objective 1.

When creating your infographic, please consider the following:

  • Use an Infographic program such as , , MS Publisher, or MS PowerPoint. For many of these, you will need an account for them to work properly (they will still be free). Do not pay for an account.
  • Use copyright-free images (included in the Infographic program used).
  • Include text to explain your argument and describe your position.
  • Include data to support your argument.
  • Include at least two sources in the Infographic and include both references at the bottom and in-text citations on the infographic where the referenced material was used.

Use Thales for topic.

Examples in the files